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December 13th, 2018

Hiland Dairy

Dairy items are some of the most commonly used products in commercial kitchens.

Hiland Dairy

From rich and creamy sauces and gravies to a fresh whipping cream as a garnish, our Hiland Dairy products are the perfect addition to your kitchen. Lactose free? Hiland carries a delicious Vanilla Almond Milk that your customers are sure to love.

Hiland started back in 1938 with a small herd of cows and now has a bustling dairy operation. Hiland Dairy is delivering fresh dairy to Hardie’s Fresh Foods so our customers can receive the freshest products on the market.

By adding Hiland Dairy to your fresh foods orders, we are able to save you the extra distraction of a an additional delivery. Plus, you’ll save time on ordering from one fresh foods supplier versus a fresh foods and dairy supplier. Who couldn’t use extra time everyday?

The next time you order your fresh fruit and vegetables, remember to try some of our delicious Hiland Dairy products.