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February 19th, 2019

Safe Quality Food

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a worldwide initiative that provides the standard of providing the highest quality and safest foods to the consumer.

Safe Quality Food

GFSI is a private organization that is managed by the international trade association, the Consumer Goods Forum, where they are responsible for setting the standard for food safety standards across the globe. Safe Quality Food (SQF) is a benchmarked standard through GFSI.

At Hardie’s Fresh Foods, our goal is to provide our customers with the safest and highest quality products. In 2016, we became SQF Level 2 certified in distribution, fresh cut and value added, and fresh produce at all of our locations in order to provide the best quality to our customers. A SQF plan focuses specifically on the quality of the product and how it affects our customers, whereas a HACCP plan is a biological, chemical, and physical hazard plan.

In addition to being SQF certified, Hardie’s Fresh Foods follows a 40-point Quality Shield Program in order to provide our customers with the confidence that they are being provided with not only the freshest, but the highest quality and safest product possible.

We’re not just stopping at Level 2, but are continuing to find the best ways to keep our customers safe, providing the freshest product across the state of Texas. Being SQF certified is the top standard in our industry, and suppliers that are SQF certified have fewer recalls. Every layer of Hardie’s Fresh Foods is committed to the SQF program. From our executive team, managers, corporate staff, warehouse employees, and drivers, our company as a whole is focused on having the safest products available.