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December 13th, 2018

Seed & Soil

Most people think of farming in terms of plant or animal “care” and as true as those terms are, they also overlook a crucial component. It is of course true that, if you care for the plants, they will produce healthy crops to harvest and the same for raising animals. However, by only focusing on the end-game and final product, we lose a great deal of the story about our food and how it got to be so delicious.

Seed & Soil

To better understand this story, I ask that you join me in thinking like a farmer. Think as if your livelihood was hinged on growing edible products from scratch. What is it that you would count on the most? What is it that you would invest your time and energy into? Strip away the equipment, the digital forecasts, the yield ratios, etc… and the simple, honest truth is you would be left with seed and soil. Growers and producers don’t raise good food, they raise good soil and IT raises the food.

This idea of taking care of what is around you to foster a better end product is quite profound and transcends all business and personal aspects that we operate in. What we nurture, nurtures us, and food is no exception. To take it one step further, we must nurture below the surface. Only treating things at the surface level will never create healthy harvests.

I have the pleasure of working some of the best “soil masters” in the world and two things remain the same with all of them: consistency and time. Growing good food and making great soil doesn’t happen overnight.

Let me wrap this up before this turns from a field report blog to a review of my college philosophy courses…. There is always more going on below the surface than what we see. A healthy and sustainable future in food is within reach, but we need to continue to nurture the soil and plant the seeds to build a strong supply. For this reason alone, I urge you to buy locally, think outside the box, and put in more than you get out. How we do these things will look different for all of us, but there is no better time to start than right now. Summer is here and it’s the time of year when Texas does what we seem to do best; feed and eat.